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If you have had a WDO inspection and found a termite infestation in your home, call us for termite treatment. We offer Trelona ATBS, an effective bait system to catch and eliminate termite colonies. Trelona bait stations can help you protect your structure and eliminate termites faster than other bait traps. With a superior design and proven performance, you can trust the Trelona bait stations to provide you with effective termite elimination. Call us today to schedule an appointment in the Oxford, MS area!

How Does Trelona ATBS Work?

An Effective Termite Bait System

Trelona is a termite treatment and baiting system that protects structures through termite colony elimination. Our technicians will strategically place the termite bait traps around the perimeter of your home. Installation requires digging to create cavities for the baiting stations. Once your baits have been installed, the termites feed on the bait, which contains an active ingredient that prevents the termite molting process. Over time, more termites will ingest the bait and start to die.

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Get one of the best termite treatments in the industry when you are dealing with an infestation. Contact our termite exterminators in Oxford, MS today, and we will walk you through your termite treatment options! We offer both Trelona and the Termidor treatment.

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We offer residential and commercial termite control.

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We offer Trelona ATBS, an effective bait system to catch and eliminate termite colonies.

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We offer America’s #1 termite defense for our clients.

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